BHcare Leadership

Executive Management Team

Roberta J. Cook, President & CEO
Christine Anderson, Chief Program Officer
Lorraine Branecky, Chief Financial Officer
Sandy Gomez, MD, Chief Medical Officer
Emily Granelli, Chief Business Development Officer
Hester Palewitz, Chief Quality & Compliance Officer
Mary Beth Peacock, Chief Human Resources Officer
Christopher Wallace, Chief Information Officer

Leadership Team

Sarah Beard, Director of Children’s Services
Crystal Cochrane, Senior Director of Operations
Tony Corniello, Vice President, Adult Behavioral Health Services
Thais Gordon, Director of Residential Services
Sara Magistro, Director of Behavioral Health, Shoreline
Pam Mautte, Director of The Alliance for Prevention and Wellness
Debra Psanis, Integrated Care Director
Ronnie Reardon, EHR Application Director
Monica Rivera, Director of Employee Success and Development
Esperina Stubblefield, Director of Domestic Violence Services
Cynthia Zafrin-McCahill, Director of Behavioral Health, Valley

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