• PCRC Early Childhood Programs

  • Early Childhood Consultation Partnership:
    The Early Childhood Consultation Partnership is an early childhood mental health consultation system. The program is free to parents and early care and education programs throughout Connecticut. The ages served are birth through five years. The program builds the capacity of care-givers and parents by offering support, education, and consultation to promote enduring and optimal outcomes for young children. Several levels of service are offered including: phone consultation, child-focused service, and classroom service. Referrals are made through a phone call to the consultants at PCRC or to a statewide number. PCRC is the contractor for the Lower Naugatuck Valley, New Haven, and Greater New Haven.

    Prevention Through Early Intervention Program (PEIP):
    The Prevention Through Early Intervention Program (PEIP) was established to help reduce problem behaviors in children enrolled in preschools in the Lower Naugatuck Valley Region and to prevent their expulsions.

    The program works to support teachers and families in helping children with social and emotional challenges remain in preschool and gain valuable skills needed to succeed in kindergarten and beyond through expert consultation and professional development for staff and through social skills groups and small group interventions for young children.

    Child First:
    Child First is an innovative, home-based early childhood intervention, which works with the most vulnerable young children (prenatal through age five years) and families to decrease serious emotional disturbance, developmental and learning problems, and abuse and neglect. The Child First intervention is provided by a home visiting team consisting of a Master’s level Mental Health/Developmental clinician who provides parent-child psychotherapy and parent guidance in order to enhance the nurturing, responsive parent-child relationship; and a Bachelor’s level Care Coordinator who connects children and families with comprehensive community-based services and supports. The PCRC Child First program is funded through a federal Maternal and Infant Early Childhood Home Visiting grant and provides services to families residing in Derby and Ansonia.